Monday, 24 October 2016

Symentha-Health, Music, Love

 Health, Music and Love are my holy trinity of being.  Since I have found balance in this beautiful triad, my life has become a sweet song.

  The more I have become at peace with my life and have merged so many valuable life lessons through my awakening journey, the more I see how sacred everything truly is.  From the darkness to the light, it is all divine.

Over the years as both my songs and myself evolve, my musical creations have become like  landmarks that let me know if I'm evolving.  No music, no movement.  That's my cue to check in and see where I've lost myself and forgotten the magic.  I'm a lover at heart so when songs are being birth'd through me, I know I'm tapped in to that special space of love's expansion through my own being.  It seems the more I awaken and deprogram from the sleeping slumber of my unconscious years, the more my music becomes like a master teacher that lets me know if I'm integrating my own consciousness or not.

Life is a game and music is the epic soundtrack that makes the journey a little sweeter.

xo Symentha 
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