Friday, 14 April 2017


If you are living under a rock, you may still have heard of Ian k! We're not sure when he sleeps, but maybe he doesn't! If you are in or near the Peterborough Ontario area, you can see his original live show coming up soon. The details are here:

Peterborough, ON
Red Dog Saturday May 13 **
189 Hunter St .
Ian K

Ian is also gearing up for a 2 week tour of the Eastern US in August, 2017! his latest video " Your Hero" has gained many views and there is a TV show coming in 2018, where Ian will be a featured artist!  Besides all this, he is in a very busy KISS tribute band called "DESTROYER" All this ads up to a career that is on the "rise" His participation in the cross Canada Rise Up Tour in May and June, means that Ian is definitely busy! Make sure you click on the links below and follow Ian's journey!

YouTube video:


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