Thursday, 20 April 2017


With the emotion and passion of a band that is ready o break out, comes the rawness of thoughts and intentions, that out veterans to shame. That is what you will fond in this Saskatoon band "The Nation". See them April 30 in Regina, SASK, playing alongside Azariah Paris! If you get the chance to see them, do it now and see them while they are on their way up! The best way for me to describe them, is not to describe them at all. The following are their own words for you. They would love a like and follow on their social media which I have included below!

The Nation

Hard rock Band? Or Modern day Berserkers……you decide

         Like ages past, men fuelled by drugs, alcohol and disillusion knock at your city gates and enter without permission, through a smokescreen of thunder, lightning and a haze of unmentionables.

        Wakened from the ashes of constant tension, turmoil and dissatisfaction comes a kamikaze formation of sheer force and uncompromising nature that cannot be stopped.

        This Nation of misfits and undesirables challenge all who can keep up with the pace, to join their ranks in the up coming Rising!

         It is pointless to try and keep us out, as we will leave nothing in our path untouched on our journeys 

        The noise we make will never dissipate,

        The Magick we make will only patently wait,

         Till We Knock Again!

                                           The Nation



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