Saturday, 22 April 2017

Renita Zintel-Excited About the Future

Where do I start …..

1 step forward 2 steps back, then one step forward againJ
I was working with a band for over a year but due to conflict of interest that came to a end a month ago. Started this year looking for change and I got it!
Presently in the process of having   a song mixed and mastered and planning to do
at least one more song  for a Cd  ,want to  release  a single by summer.

Collaborating to arrange some of my songs, gonna play at lots of Jams the next few monthsand booking  shows for the summer.

 Looking forward to playing at a “Nadrowski Fest” my family reunion in July  this summer at the lake.

I also have been learning Java Script ,been making rough video’s of my songs on my computer and wearing out my Zoom R16 Recording songs.

Excited about the future……

xo Renita Z

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