Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Brenda Navarette - Cuban Singer, Percussionist, Dancer

Brenda Navarette - the Sky is the Limit!

As many of you may know, Cuba is a hotbed of musical talent, but Cuban musicians face some unique challenges when reaching out to the outside world. Internet connectivity is relatively slow and can only be accessed from public Internet portals or hotel business centers. That being said, Brenda is working hard and we expect her to be able to join in on the conversations very shortly, so get ready for some passionate exchanges... she’s a little firecracker that lives and breathes music, 24/7! Brenda is working almost around the clock these days in Havana, with rehearsals as a singer, percussionist and dancer with a large international touring production by day, and club performances at night, both with her own band and as a special guest. Besides touring in the coming year with the international production, Brenda is also setting her sights on North American festival dates. Despite her busy schedule, she is recording tracks, one by one, for her long-overdue debut CD release. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to Brenda's publicist David Pye anytime at, or through his Facebook page ( If you have any questions or comments for Brenda, send them along, and they will be promptly addressed. Brenda looks forward to meeting and interacting with you all in the days ahead! 

Check out this feature on Brenda Navarette on YouTube: