Saturday, 7 February 2015

Arkavello's Rock Music Has a Message

Arkavello - Caught In a Fantasy

For our inaugural blog entry we have chosen to discuss our songs, what they mean to us and what they could potentially mean for you. Now of the songs we have posted on sites such as CBC Music, Soundcloud and YouTube, you come across titles like "Off to Nunavut", "Clandestine Spirit Head", "Vanilla", "Caught in a Fantasy", and "Here We Are". Pretty cool names right? Of course our opinion will be biased towards our song titles and songs, 'cause well, after all, we did write them - haha.

Let's begin with "Caught in a Fantasy". What does that mean for you? To find yourself caught in a fantasy? For starters we should delve into what a "fantasy" is. A fantasy is usually associated with a picture that we all have in our minds, be it playing Wembley Stadium in a few years for a band, or just having all your bills paid and a bit of money saved up as you enter into retirement. But that could be misleading couldn't it?

Here is what we want you to think about. Money has become a necessity; you can't eat, sleep indoors, or go anywhere without it. It has often been preached that with without a source of income you will most certainly perish. But is that entirely true? When we think about our tune "Caught in a Fantasy" it reminds us where mankind is. We are all stuck, forced to go to work to pay off things that we don't really need, such as a giant house, or a wicked sports car. Its been drilled into us from birth. Success is "what you have" not "what you are", and the idea of success seems to grow ever more forceful through the media, advertisements, and many other things that are just part of being alive in the 21st century. Weird hey? You are told what to buy, you are told what to wear, and you are told what to drive. Your life has been predetermined; you go to school when you're young to learn what will make you a contributing member of society when you are older. You're forced to be smart enough to do your job, but dumb enough that you won't question why you're doing it, and that is the life that we all have to deal with... Or is it??

In creating this society based on debt, and pre-determined futures, the leaders of our world, not the figureheads, but the people trying to pull the strings, have forced humanity into this comatose state, in essence, creating somewhat of a sleeping giant, and the longer they keep that going, the longer they can live in their fantasy of power, and the longer we are forced to slave away in our fantasy that we are told to have. As more and more people begin to wake up to the idea that we are the majority, and we truly do have the power to change the world, the elite fall into this fear like state, because as soon as humanity understands that we can peacefully co-exist with EVERYONE on our planet, they have nothing to make money off of anymore. Think about it, no wars means governments can't profit off of wars to bring itself out of debt. As more and more people understand that you can make yourself well if your sick, simply from using the tools that nature has provided us with. The complex world of pharmaceutical business falls on its face.

The more you see acts of terror and war on TV and news the more it scares you into wanting to become dependent on the state for protection. And they want you to be dependent on the state because it is literally the only thing that keeps governments alive, our fear of being unprotected. yet the more we depend on them the more unprotected we slave like we become. That's what they've come to understand, the more love, the more peaceful coexistence that we see everywhere that has started to come into view over the last 50 years between people of all races. and this scares the shit out of the ruling class, they know their days are numbered, and that their fantasy is soon at an end, and humanities fantasy is soon to become reality, for all of us. We will no longer be "Caught in a Fantasy".