Sunday, 15 February 2015

Welcome to the Future of Music

Check out Who's Who in the Rise Up Tour - Spring 2015

I would like to show you a video that in my mind is the future of the music video. is a web site that will change the way business in music is done. Music has become a sideshow to things like sports and video games, but what if we were to begin to reverse the trend, to where culture and expression through music was once again valued monetarily. I ask you to watch this video and imagine….. What if every time someone bought something online, an artist got paid!?! Imagine how that would change the plight of artists everywhere. Suddenly they could afford to pursue their highest art form possible, with less and less constraints on budget. We wouldn’t be losing our best and most talented artists to other fields of industry. If you are a business that needs growth, can help. As a very wise person said, “Be the Change”.

Please watch the above video to see the artists you can look forward to, both online and in person, in the YouTube Challenge, and at the spring "Rise Up" tour!