Sunday, 15 February 2015

You need to check out Lucky Widmore on YouTube!

YouTube Challenge Day 1- LUCKY WIDMORE

Hello!  My name is Lucky Widmore.  My real name is not important because the name Lucky Widmore represents the very essence of who I am as an artist.

I came up with this name by taking the first pet I ever had and the first street I ever lived on.  Some of you would recognize this pairing of names as the porn star name game so yes, Lucky Widmore is my porn star name.

It kind of started as a joke and just stuck because it was catchy to me and I think if I was going to do porn I would use this name.  I am chuckling to myself.  

As I am writing, though, I realize that the name is so much more then a goofy game.  It represents a history and nurtured love of music for me.  The first pet I ever had and the first street I ever lived on takes me back to my child hood.

From a young age I was immersed in music.  From listening to the Beatles and Van Morrison records that my dad would spin to dancing along to his own band "Midlife Crisis". I was hooked!

I got my first guitar when I was four.  I didn't really know how to play it and I found the lessons from my father very frustrating and when I look back I think I was a little too young to start but I never lost my love for music and before long I was able to strum along with my Dad at our family jams around the fire.

In the '90s two things happened that really sealed the deal for me musically and changed my life forever.  The first was it was time for me to take that coming-of-age step to high school.  So I am sitting in my room perusing the course booklet and much to my delight I see the school is offering a guitar course. "Well sign me up!" I said to myself.  

Guitar class was awesome!  When the teacher's back was turned, a few like-minded aspiring musicians and my self would jam out to early 90's rock tunes like "No Rain" by Blind Melon.  This is where I really got both excited and comfortable with jamming with other players and I morphed from a clumsy soloist to a proficient band mate.  

Also, in guitar class I developed  the confidence to play in front of others and  a great love for performing.  Most of the students trembled with nervousness when it was their turn to play their exam piece for their peers but I reveled in it!

The second thing that happened to me is that one day I turned on the TV and the angst inspiring grunge rock anthem "Smells Like Teen Spirit", by Nirvana, thundered through the speakers.  I watched in complete awe as this amazingly charismatic dirty blonde haired man strummed his guitar and growled into a microphone with such ear pleasing ferocity, and from that day forward I knew I wanted to be that person.  I wanted to write and perform songs that would inspire and awe a teenager crowd of misfits just like Kurt Kobain did.

And that was the day I decided to become a song writer! 

Enjoy the music video of "You and Me Tonight" on YouTube above and please like, comment, and share!