Friday, 20 February 2015

Rosner meets Vij!

 Rosner Management on the Right Track: Vikram Vij

What an amazing time with @VikramVij of CBC's Dragon’s Den. Very fun, intelligent man! I found myself reassured that I am on the right track with many things. One story that he told was particularly interesting. When starting out, he decided not to take reservations in his restaurant. The reason was that Ghandi believed everyone is equal, therefore the amount of money or status would not get you seated before anyone else. He had to stick to his guns, as Pierre Trudeau walked in one day with son Justin. Yes, he made him wait. All was good and Pierre loved the meal. When outside influences put pressure on you to change or conform, stick to your gut, do what you know is right for you and things will work out. Vikram liked the sponsorship program... I believe it is the future of the music business!!! Thanks to all the artists, sponsors and @KatrinaBoguski for your belief and hard work.