Sunday, 23 November 2014

A Message from Mark Rosner

Independent, but not alone

I get asked a lot, where is the music industry headed? My answer is simple- sponsorships! I will use an analogy from hockey. In European leagues, their jerseys are filled with sponsor logos! It looks ridiculous, in my opinion. However, it is here to stay. Just a reality of business. When I hear people high up in the industry suggest that the music industry is dead, or has no value, I say shame on you. Just because the gravy train is over for you, it does not mean that the industry is dead. History shows even in the great depression, some people were making money. The industry is evolving and has been for many years. Those who will have the resolve to persevere through the changes will be called the pioneers of the next wave of successes. Musicians are better than any sub culture in society at social networking. That has tremendous value!! It just needs to be tapped. Herein lies the key, as artists learn to work together, their power and leverage will grow. So, to you artists out there that are determined to stay independent I say, good on you, stay “independent”...... Just don’t stay “alone”

Mark Rosner