Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Ronda Rozon's "End of Day"

Music Video coming soon for Ronda Rozon's "End Of Day"

"Fall is a wonderful, colorful time of changing seasons.  As time moves forward we must continue to evolve and grow as artists. I have been feeling like something is on the verge of being born for quite some time now. In honoring that I have partnered with a very talented musician/producer/ creator to help me craft my first music video. It will showcase my original song titled "End Of Day".

The ideas are swirling and twirling in my mind’s eye, and when Ken and I get together things start to flow like two meandering streams that meet In the middle.  One great idea leads to another and then another!  We are visualizing beautiful imagery of nature, sunsets and night skies.

A live shoot outside is in the works for this weekend where we will dance and drum around the fire. Getting in touch with nature will be extra special this time as we prepare to share our vision with the world around us!"

-Ronda Rozon

Click Here to listen to Ronda Rozon's "End of Day" on SoundCloud