Thursday, 20 November 2014

Ronda Rozon Filming in Metchosin

An Update from Ronda Rozon on her Music Video for "End of Day"

An inspired night was on the brink of being born as we gathered together in beautiful rustic Metchosin. I was breathing in all the scents of nature and feeling so blessed to be outdoors on this splendid evening that would be would begin our outdoor filming. Friends had gathered together on this special night to help me bring this song to life.

Creativity was being ignited around the blazing warmth of the fire that our gracious hosts Michelle and Gord had built on their acreage in the outskirts of Victoria.  As the equipment was being readied we were soaking in the fresh air and depths of the day turning into night.

The immense size of the trees with the moon shining through the branches, filled my mind with wonder.  We seemed so small amongst the vast length of tree trunks, bark and colorful foliage.  It was a clear, crisp night and myriads of stars dotted the skies. 

As ‘End of Day” began to play in the back ground, I pondered the beginnings of the song and how it had grown into such a part of my soul. It was much more than a song. It was not only about a sunset but also an ending to another relational chapter in my life story.

Bringing visuals to the song allowed me to relieve it’s creation and see it in a brand new light. The camera was ready and the drummer, flute, shakers and dancers came together around the fire. Images were flashing and smoldering in time with the music.  We were  surrounded by a peaceful presence as the players played their parts each adding something fresh to the music.  

Sharron dances 'round the fire while filming for "End of Day"
Tall, towering shadows of bodies in black played in the grass as we brought the filming to a close. We finished our evening singing songs around the fire in wonderful musical community. “Another day gone, another day well spent.”

A feeling of true satisfaction washed over me  and I  knew that these special moments in time would be etched in my memory.

Stay tuned for part 3 where we will visit a magical waterfall in Goldstream Park as the filming continues and the story unfolds.