Friday, 7 November 2014

Meet Phoenix Christa

 Get to know Phoenix Christa

Hey Everyone!

How's it goin out there?  If not so well, time to put on some rock n' roll and just let it go for a while, eh?! Times are tough, people come and go, and change is inevitable in any circumstance and situation but music - Rock n' Roll - will never die!

My name is Phoenix I am hard working female artist from good ol' Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I grew up in a small village named Viscount, with a population of about 300. My parents were farmers and we lived on a farm outside the village in a house that was built in 1909. Originally my mother had me in Saskatoon but moved us out there when I was 3 when she married my adopted dad. Life on the farm was simple and I spent most of my youth playing with animals and adventuring all the cool and neat old buildings that remained on the property for almost 100 years! I could go on and on about life there and awesome adventures, but for now I'll stick to the roots of the rock n' roll.

My dad had an awesome 8-track player out at the farm, and all of the 8-tracks that went with it were mostly metal... I can't exactly recall all of the band names, it was the early '80s and I was only three years old, but I recall listening to Judas Priest and Testament, Guns n Roses and Black Sabbath the most! My dad told me later in life that all I would do is sit and listen to those metal 8tracks, and I do remember that.

We didn't have a whole lot of money, and my parents eventually had 4 more kids, so it wasn't easy keeping up with all of the needs of everyone, also when your closest community is a village, it's pretty difficult to find outlets for someone with musical drive and interest.

My mom enrolled me into Piano lessons as soon as I started school, and I played piano studying through the Royal Conservatory of music up until I was in grade 7. Somewhere in my teen years, I decided piano was lame and would doing nothing but listen to metal and rock - as much of it as I could possibly find. Favourite artists included Metallica, Marilyn Manson, Nirvana, Guns n Roses, Aerosmith. Rock and roll started taking over everything I did... every choice I made, every dream I had; it was all I could live, breathe, and think about.

I hunted people down who were living the rock life, I sought out bands and got involved with a local band in a surrounding town. I decided in my youth that the only thing I cared about was rock and roll.

At the age of sixteen, I hit the road and left my parents farm, and the adventure has been nothing but crazy. That was over a decade ago, now here I am...

I am still in Saskatchewan, though I wandered out of province and lived out in Ontario for a couple years. I returned to Saskatoon in 2009 after being in Kingston, Ontario for about two years, beginning in 2007. Started up a rock band, took on some extra projects when I got here- I designed and created my solo musical act "Babylon", which is not so much rock n' roll but a fantasy type genre- and stumbled into Mark Rosner, previous CEO of HMP Recording and Development, located in Vancouver, BC.

Mark signed me to a one year development deal with HMP, as I had A LOT of work and fine tuning to do.

I had no produced songs, no videos, and I'm not so good with social networking, so hardly had an online presence, but they picked me up anyway. For that I am so thankful, it's amazing.

A year later, Mark signed me on to Rosner Management. I have two singles: "If You Dare" and "Remember". Now the ball is rolling, and soon I will be doing a music video for "If You Dare".

I am working on my website, which will be up shortly, and am doing a major live Saskatchewan event soon. This is just the tip of the iceberg; there is much more behind me and much more ahead...

My name is Phoenix and I am here to make music! Thank you to everyone who took the time to read this- you'll be hearing more from me soon...

~All in the name of Rock n' Roll~

Click here to play "Remember" by Phoenix Christa on SoundCloud