Thursday, 13 November 2014

Canadian Hip-Hop Artist Teemus Supreme

Teemus Supreme- Word UP!

Teemus Supreme talks about his roots, inspiration, and aspirations:

Ever since I was little and could remember, my dream had always been to play in the NBA, inspired by Michael Jordan, Vince Carter, Allen Iverson, and many other players. I remember sitting at home and watching the games in my living room and every time there was a highlight play, I tried to imitate that play with my plush ball and mini hoop. I spent every recess and lunch playing basketball with my friends and after school and on weekends I spent time improving my skills, hoping that one day I could make it to the NBA. One day in grade 6, during silent reading, my friends and I were talking, so we got detention and had to stay after school for cleaning duties. I had an idea and while I was cleaning the chalk board, I gathered my friends around it and asked them to write their names backwards, as did I. After reading the names, mine was the only name that sounded like an actual name, so Sumeet became Teemus and from then on, my friends called me Teemus Supreme. Music never entered my life until grade 10. Before grade 10, the only music I listened to was the music in video games or movies. But one day while driving with my cousins, my cousin put a CD into the deck and a Tupac song started playing, of course at the time I didn't know who Tupac was, and to me his sound was amazing. That day I went home and googled Tupac and started my journey into music. I starting listening to his songs and buying clothes that had his image on it, and before I knew it, I became semi-obsessed with Tupac. It wasn't until after high school that I actually started relating to his lyrics, because beforehand what got me really interested in Tupac was his attitude and reckless nature. When I actually started listening to his songs and lyrics, it made me appreciate his music even more and eventually I mustered up the courage to write my own music. In the beginning, I could barely even write half a verse but I kept at it and eventually they started to flow. Though I never recorded the first couple of songs I'd written, I always kept them in my book and I refer to them every now and then to see where I was when I first started. It was only until the beginning of this year that I had the courage to record my first song, "Smile" and that was my first song that I actually felt the lyrics as I was writing them. I have just now recorded my second song "Fake Friends" and am beginning to develop my own style. I try to write how I feel and write what happens in my life and use Tupac's music and lyrics and inspiration. In the future, I hope to record many more songs and go on tours and build an incredible fan base. I have a lot of other aspirations too, such as starting a clothing line, working with top artists in the music industry, as well as try to become a successful actor and become involved in TV shows and movies, both in Hollywood and Bollywood. I believe that one should have a set of goals that are achievable and that one's dreams should be such that, at first glance, they seem unachievable but can be achieved through hard work, persistence, and determination. You should always go to bed happy dreaming of what you would do if anything were possible.